Whatever your landscaping needs, SUNBURST LANDSCAPE SERVICES can help! Our professional staff provides complete landscaping services to commercial or residential properties. From your initial consultation to the completion of each design, we have the working knowledge that you can trust and the years of experience that you can rely on.

Our services include:

  • LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE:  We are #1! Our landscape maintenance professionals will keep your property in optimum condition. Regular maintenance of your lawn and garden will help to increase the value of your property. We mow, edge, trim, and clean-up as needed on a maintenance plan that fits your needs and your budget. We generally fertilize 4x/year and perform weed control and check irrigation as needed. If there is a problem, we will make sure you approve all expenses before work is performed.
  • Planting FLOWER BEDS, shrubbery and trees:  Sunburst Landscape Services will work with you to create unique and attractive annual and perennial planting beds. We specialize in Roses that are appropriate for our climate in the Northern California region.           
  • Laying SOD/Seeding lawns:  Generally we use Fescue. Seeding is an inexpensive way to establish a new lawn. The seeding should be done early enough in the growing season to allow the seed to develop a root and grow lush grass blades. The other alternative is for a quick and healthy lawn, though more costly, is to lay sod. Grass sod is used when it is too late in the growing season for seed to take root, or if you require an instant lawn. We take great care when installing grass sod to ensure it takes root into the top soil below.   
  • IRRIGATION:  You need it in Sacramento! Our team of seasoned professionals can install and service custom irrigation system that will help reduce plant loss and stress, lower your utility bills, and enhance growing performance. For those of you who already have an irrigation system in place, we provide spring start-up services, as well as winterization and preventative maintenance.          
  • LAWN AERATIONThis process removes soil compaction and improves water & oxygen movement into soil.
  • WATERFALL / PONDS:  Sunburst Landscape Services would like to help you create a visually stunning or peacefully soothing water feature in the nature setting of your choice. Whether it's waterfalls or fountains, colorful fish and water lilies, a pond or a stream, we can help you create a little bit of paradise in your own backyard.     
  • Install/Maintain DRAINAGE systems: Improving drainage around foundations will prevent leakage and water erosion. Properties all have their own unique water flow problems. Abundant water can be redirected in a number of ways, and on the other hand, where there is excessive drainage, high dry spots, soil composition and mixture can be changed to allow for more water retention. As a landscaping design team, our goal is to create solutions that are visually appealing and functional at the same time.
  • OUTDOOR LIGHTING: Outdoor lighting will add a new dimension to your landscape. Provide security and enhance your property value with landscape lighting. We will work with you to install something attractive and geared toward your budget.   
  • ORGANIC fertilizer: Send me a note, I would be happy to discuss using exclusively organic landscaping products if that is what you prefer. 

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